No Bullsh!t Kansas City Childbirth Classes


Kansas City Childbirth ClassesKansas City Childbirth Classes
that focus on what YOU want to know,
not what someone else “thinks” you need to know!

What Clients and Students are Saying

Kansas City doulaI have a passion for mentoring new and experienced parents on their journey to parenthood. As a Birthing From Within® Mentor and DONA-trained doula, I bring 10 years of experience to homes and classrooms as a childbirth educator. The focus of my work is to help parents feel confident and have compassion for themselves while bringing their babies into the world.

“Tara’s heart for reaching beyond the physical aspects of childbirth and into the soul of her clients, creating a safe place to ponder the uncomfortable and unexpected helped prepare me for the most amazing birth experience” ~Karen, mother


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Class sessions are geared towards self-discovery and developing a pain-coping mindset, instead of just assimilating obstetric information. Our time together is used in combination with online and provider resources, giving you the most holistic preparation for the childbearing year from pre-conception to postpartum. Private in-home and online sessions can be customized to your individual and family needs.